Social Justice Mural Tour description

by Joel Pomerantz

June 1st, 2010

Of all the Thinkwalks tours, this one is best for general audiences, including visitors. It’s also the most often requested for those wishing to customize a tour.

As a public mural organizer for more than a decade, I bring insider knowledge of the mural scene. And as a community journalist with an interest in radical social trends, I can shed light on the interplay between the street art scene and the political scene in San Francisco.

I worked with top-notch muralist Mona Caron for twelve years, after enticing her to become a muralist. Our murals won many awards and honors, and my own mural production work was recognized through a Golden Wheel Award and a Commendation from the Board of Supervisors.

But Thinkwalks mural tours focus on dozens of local street artists, sanctioned and rogue. We’ll discuss the effects of economic booms and social upheaval on the mural scene. We’ll talk about the history of murals, and SF’s lineage back to Mexico’s muralismo. Ralph Stackpole, a San Francisco sculptor during the Great Depression, brought famed muralist Diego Rivera to San Francisco and he inspired a movement.

Now, after decades of making that mural movement our own, San Francisco has spawned the Mission School of muraling, has attracted street works by the mysterious street artist Banksy, and has matured into a messy scene of gallery-oriented street art and alley-based art galleries as complex as the fertile art universe of the Bay area has ever seen.

Come enjoy and second-guess the varied techniques, psyches and dreamy illusions of street murals in the North Mission.

Suggested donation $15 to $50 per person
Varies from 1 to 3 hours, depending on event & requests
Location: TBD
, but North Mission or near Church Street.

Request a date, length & topic or check tour dates.
Please RSVP
(by phone if the tour is within a couple days).

This tour can be done as a bike ride, by request. If you need a bike, rent one near Dolores Park, or use my loaner bike. For more details, see Thinkwalks Bike Tours page.

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