Water Walking Tour description

by Joel Pomerantz

June 1st, 2010

This is the nerdiest of the standard Thinkwalks. Three and a half hours of walking on water. No sinking.

This year’s version of the water tour focuses on the history of the Dolores Creek watershed, above the Mission District.

We’ll examine water’s artful sculpting of our hills and shorelines based partly on this book chapter by your Thinkwalks guide. Recent research has cast doubt on the existence of the lake (Laguna Manantial) that is featured in that article. On the tour, we’ll discuss the evidence for and against, with an open mind.

Discover springs, hidden watercourses and even waterfalls (cascading beneath sewer covers where you can still hear them!). Why was Hetch Hetchy Reservoir built? Where did the water come from before that? What happened to the streams and springs in San Francisco?

Let’s go look for them! This could be a watershed moment in your life.

San Francisco’s political power was originally derived almost entirely from water. According to historian Gray Brechin, our water system was purposely designed on the model of ancient Rome, to dominate the West economically, as Rome dominated its empire. Get to know your local water sources!

Suggested donation $15 to $50 per person.
3 & 1/2 hours
with an optional picnic after (bring your lunch).
Snacks provided.
Bring your own water.
Meet at Adobe Book Shop
, 3166 16th Street near Guerrero Street.

Please check tour dates, then invite your friends & RSVP
(RSVP by phone if the tour is within a couple days: 415-505-8255).

There are steep hills in the second half of the tour!

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