Evidence of Thinkwalks

by Joel Pomerantz

January 27th, 2011

A reporter asked me yesterday why it’s even important to argue about evidence of a fresh water lake at Laguna Dolores, or to pinpoint the founding location of SF Mission Dolores. The sharp questioner, Hadley Robinson, is from Mission Local, the news outlet and laboratory for UC Berkeley Journalism graduate students.

Aside from my usual, “Let’s understand how the natural landscape affected our existence as a city,” I used the opportunity to proclaim the benefits of arguing and evaluating evidence. Public democracy and human planning for the future of our species depend both on these skills, and on our ability to harvest good information from weedy field of distortions.

Heaped into this next calendar week, there are some excellent opportunities to join our footloose argument and look at the evidence together on a Thinkwalk. Set your own cost: $10 to $40 donation asked.

Be sure, also, to check out the excellent online resources at FoundSF and ShapingSF where you can listen to podcasts of the talk series at CounterPULSE. One up there now (see the last on the list for 2011) is Chris Carlsson’s fascinating and spontaneous commentary to the Transit History photos. Click the Transit History Tour, then use that same button at the bottom of each tour page to follow along, viewing the wonderful videos, pictures and essays.

Let them know you’re using the podcast as the soundtrack for the online tour, as they would do well to increase opportunities for that kind of usage. Also, let me know what you want and like on this site!

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