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My report for the 7th grade

June 17th, 2010

Here’s my report about San Francisco. I wrote it for my niece, Marina, who asked me to correct her report. Nerd that I am, I corrected it but required she read my report, too. Mind you, this is a challenge, since she lives in Germany and is just learning English.

As I explained to her: Everything in this report is true. Some is strange. Maybe you’ll be surprised.

For 4,500 years, the land that is today called San Francisco was home to a few small Ohlone Indian families. There were probably never […]

Memorize these resolutions for visitors to SF

June 15th, 2010

People come to San Francisco for conventions and vacations, but have more fun if they know someone here. That’s because their host will probably force them to repeat these secret oaths:

1) I will only go to tourist trap Fisherman’s Wharf to see a specific cool thing, such as the Musée Mechanique. I will only go to tourist nightmare Pier 39 to see the wild sea lions. I will not spend all my time in tourist zones. Hardly any, really. Maybe six minutes. And only with these rules…

2) After I find […]

Shaping SF tours are rich with analysis

June 14th, 2010

Chris Carlsson, who leads the bike tours for Shaping SF, is one well-read guy. He understands so many of the specifics about work-related politics. His ideas were formed from reading books that were written back when labor organizer was a radical term. And it seems he’s read everything published since then.

On a Shaping SF tour, I’ve learned such dramatic little morsels as where the co-op food movement came from and disappeared to, where the dirt came from that filled in Mission Bay, and why the Marin Headlands weren’t developed into […]