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Bay Bridge Construction Sketches 1935

September 12th, 2013

I found this rare and out of print book of sketches by William Woollett from 1935. It includes a handful from the original construction of the Bay Bridge East Span. Since we’re celebrating an almost wondrous new structure there, I thought I’d make these available to everyone.

I don’t know how to use WordPress light box. So just click twice on each picture to see the enlarged version. Then use your browser’s back button to get to the next picture. Bad. Easier: They’re all together on my Flickr page.

William Woollett also […]

Revolutionary Politician Meets Revolutionary Artist

December 27th, 2010

San Francisco is lucky to have a significant share of the remarkable art and architecture produced by the New Deal’s financial support programs. Beniamino Bufano, a sculptor who lived in San Francisco, produced a number of these pieces that are now displayed in San Francisco, where he lived for many years. But some of his most unusual sculpture was privately commissioned, such as the steel and stone statue of Sun Yat Sen in St. Mary’s Square Park at the corner of California Street & Grant Avenue.

Bufano usually used an easily-recognized […]

It’s Fun to Discover (that I was wrong)

December 9th, 2010

This post is a confession—actually a whole confessional litany. I told untruths. Yes. Me. I know, I know: never trust me again! I’ll list them in a moment so you can adjust what you learned on one of my tours accordingly.

Friend and Thinkwalks volunteer Nancy Botkin told me the other day that it’s strangely easy to change my mind about an “objective fact.” All you need to do is give me careful evidence of something that contradicts what I used to adamantly believe. I flip from saying I’m sure the […]

Social Justice Mural Tour description

June 1st, 2010

Of all the Thinkwalks tours, this one is best for general audiences, including visitors. It’s also the most often requested for those wishing to customize a tour.

As a public mural organizer for more than a decade, I bring insider knowledge of the mural scene. And as a community journalist with an interest in radical social trends, I can shed light on the interplay between the street art scene and the political scene in San Francisco.

I worked with top-notch muralist Mona Caron for twelve years, after enticing her to become a […]